CERA Overseas Rescue Process

1. Find us and establish contact: No matter what channel you use to contact the Chinese Entrepreneurs Rights Association, we will respond to you at the first moment.


2. Fast and effective, discret: after learning your request, we will quickly propose a preliminary rescue plan and sign a confidentiality agreement according to the conditions of different countries and regions.


3, expert operation, safe landing: after CERA's professional analysis of the executive teams around the world, we will put forward accurate immigrant or residence programs, leaving no political and legal risk in accordance with the relevant laws of various countries and the degree of urgency of the parties, and in cooperation with internationally renowned lawyers,


4, legally and safely transfer funds: transfer funds in a completely legal way.


5, provide a variety of investment projects to ensure the return on income: according to different countries and regions, we will provide investment risk and return assessment; collaborate with multinational companies with good reputation to provide multiple investment projects and portfolios to ensure return on earnings.


6, Expenses are tranparent, no intermediary service fees are charged: during the entire rescue process, the parties need only to pay for various expenses actually incurred, including but not limited to the following fees: attorney's fees, funds transfer costs, accounting fees, taxes, company registration fees, the cost of corporate acquisitions, etc. During this period, CERA does not charge any intermediary fees and service fees.


 7, First come first served, with quota limit. According to the current situation in various places, in the case of passive quota restrictions, such as the allocation of the amount of immigration at that time in certain countries, we are adhering to the principle of “first come, first served”. Take Europe (EU region) as an example. In 2018, we will limit to 5 rescues.


8. After completing the rescue, CERA continues to pay attention to the survival and development of the parties in their country of residence. It continues to provide assistance in policy advice, legal aid, investment development and language education, and accelerates their integration into local community.


 9, After a period of time, please pay attention to the complete case studies we provide to help the parties understand and choose different options.


10. CERA will consider setting up a regular and a secret membership system to enable entrepreneurs to implement their rights protection and plan rescue work in advance. The forerunners will help latecomers and rescuees continue to support or participate in long-term mechanisms for human rights and democratic work.

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