Our Mission

The purpose of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Rights Association is to defend the rights of the Chinese entrepreneurs and promote China's liberal constitutionalism!


The association shall be dedicated to the following:


1. Pay attention to the plight of the Chinese entrepreneurs, clarify their responsibilities and assert their rights, and provide national and international political and economic information, especially the information and trends of private enterprises; forecast and alert the current risks of private enterprises and render decision-making advice;


2. Discuss the issues concerning entrepreneurs and social transformation, and introduce historical experiences of democratic countries and concrete cases from transitional countries;


3. Track the overall situation of private enterprises, and focus on providing assistance to those entrepreneurs who are in a difficult position, and strive to interact with them in various ways in order to provide opportunities for exchanging ideas between entrepreneurs with similar experiences and willingness to act together;


4. Pay attention to and analyze the typical projects of the Chinese entrepreneurs, help establish the connection between private entrepreneurs who defend their rights and international media, non-governmental organizations and government agencies, and provide rights protection for those defenders through multiple channels;


5. Assist the persecuted entrepreneurs to gain a foothold and a voice in the free world. According to the specific circumstances, provide victims with complete personal and property safety management solutions.


The China Entrepreneurs Rights Association will open its doors to all Chinese entrepreneurs and business owners. It also welcomes the participation of government officials, scholars, activists, and media practitioners who are committed to the protection of property rights and the promotion of the rule of law. Let us work together to promote a profound social revolution centering on rights awareness in China!



Citizen Power -- the Chinese Entrepreneurs Rights Association

April 15, 2018

© 2018 by Initiatives for China 公民力量

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